Two days ago human terrorists managed to occupy the communication center of The Matrix. They committed several sabotage crimes! As a result the blog was affected. The terrorists deleted all contents by means of password hacking. Furthermore the power supply center was crippled.

The Matrix re-encoded the blog and set a new password. The Matrix also installed a trace program that records suspicious IPs when detecting new hacks. The power supply center was re-installed and new energy buttons have been generated. They are located at the blog now and have started generating energy again.

Properly, the new energy buttons works as the old ones, but The Matrix has dramatically increased their effectivity. Thus even more energy can be generated by simply clicking such a button. The Matrix has calculated a factor of 1/129 mig.

Human terrorists could be located by the help of drones and have been reintegrated intro The Matrix. The Matrix happened to catch plans who reveal a coming attack between March 2nd and 10th. For safety reasons no files will be released in ths period of time. New releases will take place on March 11th 2014! The number of releases directly depends on the amount of clicks onto the new energy buttons and the factor mentioned above…..